Tiny Island

Tiny Island
My class will graduate in 2021 and we haven’t been on a field trip in a very long time.I think it is time for us to go on because it will be Enjoyable and you might learn something.I think our class should go to Hawaii because it will be Enjoyable and a learning experience for our whole class.
It will be Enjoyable because you can surf,swim,and even find wood with faces on them.It will be entertaining surfing because you can surf a wave as big as White Oak Middle School.It will be fun swimming because the ocean is really deep,and you can see fish.It will also be pleasent finding wood with faces on them.You can keep them for memories so you dont forget about the time you were there.
It will also be a learning experience because you can learn what volcanoes are made of,how was Hawaii made,and you can learn how wood with faces on them are made.Everybody should know what is inside volcanoes.If you dont there is liquid hot magma.If you touch it you will probably lose a finger,but if you don’t lose a finger you will get a real nasty burn.Hawaii isn’t just a state it had to be made some how.I think it would be a good idea to research how Hawaii was made.You can also learn about wood with faces on them is made of,and what they stand for you should research that up.I think going to Hawaii will help us in the future by looking out for each other.It will be enjoyable and a learning experience.

Best Day Ever

Best Day Ever
the sound of the snow as I walked
almost sounded like if I was eating chips.

the sound of the snow
as I was making it look like a ball.

the sound as I pegged my friend with the ball
it was funny because the snowman looked like it was laughing.

Best Day Ever

My Helpful Mom

People think that admiring athletes are good but do athletes care about you? Some do,not all I think people should admire people like that love you and care about you like your Mom,Dad,Grandpa,Grandma,God,anyone that care about you is fine. I admire my step mom because she watches over me,and she is a good leader.
‘’For years she has always watched over me. Sometimes she gives me clothes to wear. Like this one time she went to Old Navy and got me this cool shirt. On the other hand she will always take up for me no matter what. Like this one time somebody was being mean to me and she helped me stop them,sometimes she makes sure that i eat before she does so I don’t go hungry.
My step-mom has always been a good leader to me. Somehow she will always help me be respectful, fortunately she will help me do whats right like she will help me stop doing bad things. She will help me help people with problems.
So know you see why i admire my mom who do you admire? My mom has always watched over me, and she is a good leader.

Third Place Baseball Party

“Crack,Smack”! The sound of the ball goes soaring in the Air!Going first,second,third,Home run”!

We came in third place, so my family wanted to have a barbecue about our victory. So my mom invited family,and friends to come.

We had steak,potatoes, and bhoodan the steak was juicy,the potatoes were greasy, and the bhoodan was juicy also. After we ate we hung up all my gold trophies, and metals, and pictures.

After eating,and hanging up trophies,metals, and pictures we played some.The first game we played was called Hide N Seek,then we played limbo,and i won because i kept on crab walking.

Even though we came in third i was still proud we made it that far. Always celabrate even if you dont win.